Pražský výběr & Frank Zappa [Praha, Sportovní hala]

1. Reminiscence
2. Cicolina
3. Knedlik
4. Zubata
5. Spickova Kultura
6. Improvizace V A Dur S Frankem Zappou
Michael Kocáb: Tak dovolte, abych vam predstavil--Mr. Frank Zappa! [So let me introduce you--Mr. Frank Zappa!]
FZ: I have only a few words to say (translation) . . . before I go through the grueling process of tuning my guitar (translation) . . . but I am very happy to be here tonight (translation) . . . this is . . . (much applause) . . . this is the first time that I have had a reason to play my guitar in three years (translation). So, (more applause) . . . I'm sure you already know it, but this is just the beginning of your new future in this country (translation) . . . and I hope that your new future will be very perfect, very perfect (translation) . . . and as you confront the new changes that will take place, please try and keep your country unique. Don't change into something else. Keep it unique (translation). What we are going to do is a reggae improvisation in the key of A (translation). And if there are any Soviet troops in the audience, you may dance home to this (translation).
7. Snazivec
8. Blaznivy Reggae
9. Prazskej Buran
10. Tatrman
11. Proc Jen Ja

Zappa v Praze 1

Zappa v Praze 2

Zappa v Praze 3